Tuesday, July 13, 2010


today i awoke with hope in my arms, lying next to me like a lover's convex curve. it was as warm as the suns rays slicing through the blinds and i found myself not feeling alone. a presence as safe as home, carrying me over the threshold towards the open hearts of the ones who love me. there is an internal shift that begs for external expression. the journey here was paved with obstacles the size of mountains. yet the change can only be known through the subtle varying degrees of feelings. the difference is found in that moment where inhale turns to exhale and the unpinable lapse in time between sight and recognition. there is no more pain there. through me pours a faith in all things i love, the saving grace that held me up when i no longer could stand. i trusted in that love when love and trust failed me. i wont pretend that i have patched every hole in this leaky boat, but the tears that rained down no longer threaten to sink me, steady bailing keeps me afloat. i see my destination ahead and i can see the beauty in the past's wake. everything happens for a reason, there is no fate or destiny only the branching tree of choices we have made. if you are strong enough you can trace ever reason down to its root. dig through the dirt and you can come clean. you may find that love is buried there.

each moment is an opportunity to create compassion.

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