Sunday, July 25, 2010

steady yes

even though my chest was rapidly rising and falling i found myself breathing in the steadiness of the energy between us. that is why i could not sleep. you asked me what caution looks like. perhaps it has a look to spectators but the only indicator i can trust is the feeling within me, the knowing that my lessons are learned. reflected light comes from a clarity of vision, after a season of cleaning mirrors. there is a steady opening in this chest that you fall asleep upon. your strength allows a safe space for me to be myself, for this alone i would say yes. but there is much more. it is a joy to meet you half way, to feel the reciprocity in your touch. i have no expectations or disguises, i will not pretend to be completely healed from past wounds. perhaps scars are our only caution signs. all i know is that today i can give you my 'yes'. i know that each day i can give more of myself because i am living in the flight of my dreams. it is fitting that you came to me with a bird in your hands, there are feathers all around you. i see your wings and they are beautiful. throw caution to the wind and fly with me today. 

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