Sunday, March 7, 2010

art has deep and difficult eyes

Who would have known that an 'I ' and a 'U' was enough to trigger such an emotional response...I knew, I felt it when I first said those words to you. It is fitting that you use words to counter what I say in paint, in silence. We always wanted to collaborate, the power couple, but here we are. Powerful in our creativity, our ability to hurt each other, yet no longer in the form of a pair...we are as distant as the expression on your face, in life and on canvas. The pain so close it mocks my skin, the paper thin flesh that carries inscriptions, the story of this love so far gone. You speak with intentions and I speak with visuals. This lonely bending heart remembers love, it knew its depth, it knew two breaths. The colors faded into hues as cold as the day I could see my breath suspended and still before you, the ice queen, the ruler of her skull-sized kingdom. The gaze you speak of is not mine, we are mirrors remember. In the end it reflects nothing on me. The subjective concerns between you and the gazing object are yours and yours alone.


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