Monday, March 8, 2010

eternal spring

sadly, birds remind me of shoulders and skin, of mornings in the trees and silhouettes flying away at dusk. their songs sing of things i took for granted, her wings, my legs, a rushing clock and falling leaves. spring brings promise of life, as routine as an anniversary. i will create a memorial, erecting stones in the earth, balancing rocks on top of themselves...a sundial to slow down the telling of time. the elements will inflict their will just the same, make known the temporality of loss, love and life....or so it seems. this human drama was never meant to soar like birds, it enacts the gravity of boulders. the greatest weight had me descending rapidly toward earth. still, the birds dance to their songs and rhythms, constellations and horizons as their recurring stage. i can't help but marvel at the beauty of it wish i was still up there with them.


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